We Are On A Mission To Solve The World's Lonliness Problem

With the rise of AI, tech, and social media, building and maintaining your social skills has never been more important.

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How It Started

When I moved from Atlanta Georgia to Provo Utah, I had no friends. As a way to build a social circle, I set a goal to meet 2 new people a day. Maintaining this goal allowed me to build a social life, dating life, overcome my social anxiety, and meet over 2,000+ unique people within a single year.


Dejon Brooks (Founder)

Why Is This So Important?

A lot of issues within society could be solved if we got off our phones and socialized more. A few categories this would massively impact are:


  • Loneliness
  • Making friends
  • Dating
  • Finding work
  • Social anxiety

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If You Are Struggling With...

Making Friends



Getting More Clients

Building Your Network

Landing a Job

Overcoming Social Anxiety

Increasing Your Sales

Getting a Promotion

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Dejon Brooks (Founder)