Hi, my name is Dejon!

I created a software company called Trend Watchers 2 years ago

As I worked full time to grow this company

I had no social or dating life

My relationships with my family was strained

My mental health was not in a good place

Growing a company is fun but having lots of money doesn't bring happiness to your life.

To fix this problem, I adjusted my schedule & built a framework that allows me to

Build a solid social life


Start going on 2-3 dates a week


Maintain my physical health

Improve my mental health

Improve my family relationships

Make time to do things i enjoy

Why work with me?

  • I help busy professionals build a social, dating & personal life.
  • I’ve created proven frameworks & systems
  • I’ve used to improve my life
    I went through TONS of trial & error to figure this stuff out

Here’s a book I am writing!. It’s always been a goal of mine to write a book & now im working on it! Writing brings me happinesss

If you are a busy adult that is ready to reclaim your life

Schedule a FREE discovery call below to learn how I can help you improve & add more meaning to your life.

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