In August of 2021, I moved 2,000 miles away from home at 20

Because I moved so far away, I had

No friends

No dating life

No social life

I had to start from scratch

As a joke, I created a goal to meet 2 new people a day. Within 2 weeks of enforcing this goal, I started

Going on 2 - 4 dates a week (high quality)

Built a very outgoing & positive social circle

Built an amazing social life

Improved my sales skills

Exponentially improved my social skills

I even got some of my best friends on this goal

See how it transformed their lives in dfferent ways!

My 2 people a day goal was even published in major news outlets!

If YOU are struggling with

  • Making friends
  • Dating
  • Finding a good work/life balance
  • Building social skills
  • Meeting new people
  • Being more outgoing
  • Self confidence

You NEED to join our FREE Discord community!

Seriously,our group will fix ALL of your social problems. It will also

Hold you accountable

Make it easier to put yourself out there

Allow you to learn from others

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